Learn Chess from an AI!

All students are different. Usual learning materials like a video course do not take this into account.

An AI coach can understand your weaknesses and curate a path for the fastest possible improvement.

How it works:

Power of the Algorithm

Social media companies are making billions of dollars from creating an algorithm that shows you the most engaging content. The ChessCoach.AI Algorithm is not selling you outrage. We designed it to show lessons that improve your chess skill the fastest.

Extensive database of chess games

We extracted opening lines from tens of thousands of high-quality chess games. Based on your previous move choices, our algorithm will select the best new lines to learn.

The best medium to deliver chess content: the board

Start watching a video course just to zoom out in a few minutes? We know the drill. This is why we have a magic board, that always shows you the position that is the most beneficial for your learning. Our AI will create series of positions based on your previous choices, considering your weakness and strength.

This is it. Just you and the board. Your brain will love it.


  • Learn the London System
  • Learn the Sicilian Defense
  • Max 100 moves / day
  • Access all openings
  • Unlimited moves per day
  • Save 16%
$49.90/ year
  • Access all openings
  • Unlimited moves per day
$4.99/ month

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